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Last Updated on October 8, 2002

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October 2002

From the East

I can't believe I'm late again. This month seems to be conspiring against all effort to get things done.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of speaking with me this month, I congratulate you.

You see - I've been struck with a round of a throat infection that my son brought home from preschool. The good news is that it's all over and we're ready to resume the hectic schedule.

During August we initiated Jeff B. and by the time this Trestleboard gets to you he will have been passed to the degree of Fellowcraft (September 23rd).

There is a 3rd degree being planned for the first Saturday in November. [Note: This has been changed to Nov. 23!] This is being organized by our past masters and should turn into quite a day.

Back to September - The last Monday in September (30th) will again be our roll call/coming home dinner night. Wear the apron you were raised in (if you can still find it). If you will be unable to attend, please send a short note letting us know what you've been up to this past year. After dinner, we will convene in the Lodge room for a quick roll call and a chance to catch up.

Any notes you send along can be read if you have other commitments that keeps you from attending in person.

Our October stated meeting will briefly touch on the resolutions to be brought up at the imminent Annual Communications of Grand Lodge. You will find a list published elsewhere in this trestleboard, but we will read them in Lodge at the October meeting and have a chance for discussion. Remember that although much of the debate on the issues takes place on the floor at Grand Lodge, your input is always helpful in letting your elected delegates come to the appropriate decisions.

On a sadder note, we have had to cancel our KidsID for the school walkathon.

We had some scheduling problems and were unable to get the required number of volunteers. Lets do better next year.

Hope to see you in October.


Robert Lake

The Westerly Wind

Is it really October already? Wow, this year has breezed by! I took last month off from the Trestleboard articles as I was inundated with my vocation. (The Worshipful Master and Trestleboard Editor gave me permission to take a month off :>)

Perhaps my previous Trestleboard articles were costing the Lodge too much in postage ??)

To catch up there have been some exciting Masonic and Non-Masonic activities in my life. On August 26th, we conferred the first degree of Masonry on Brother Jeff B. Jeff is a long-time friend & colleague of Worshipful Gunnar Galsgaard, PM (1997). Jeff is studying hard to pass his EA proficiency. We plan on conferring the second degree of Masonry on Brother Jeff on September, 23rd (7:30pm). Please make every effort to attend. We will have a "Roll Call/Coming Home Night" on September 30th beginning at 6:30 pm with dinner followed by a meeting in Lodge at 7:30. Please bring your apron in which you were raised. (Please remember that this is a stag night.)

I am told this year's Past Master's night will be on Saturday, November 2nd with the third degree scheduled to begin at 2:00 pm. A dinner will follow that evening at a local restaurant. If you need further information, please feel free to call Bill Malmstrom, PM (408-738-3069); Worshipful Bob Lake (408-557-0501); or myself (650-903-9625). We should have final plans by the time you receive this Trestleboard.

In the middle of August, my family traveled to Quincy to enjoy a week at a horse ranch. After two full days of horse-riding and activities, I quickly realized that I could not survive as a cowboy and make a living! So, after minor encouragement to my wife, we left and traveled through the high Sierra and gold country. We visited Graeagle (nice pond to swim in the center of town,) the Lakes Basin area (definitely a camping destination next summer), and winded up in Downieville where we spent two nights at the Carriage House Inn on the Downieville/Yuba river. We panned for gold (not much luck) and enjoyed many handfuls of blackberries.

Downieville is rich in Masonic history and gold rush legends.

I visited the foundry where the tools were made for the 5,000 Downieville gold miners and learned all about the gold rush and history of the time. There are many sites to visit and "cool" swimming holes, literally!

The current miners hold claims on the Yuba river at 20 acres each. During the gold rush (~1850) the claims were 10 square feet due to the number of miners. They would dive down into the river with "tin cups" and work until the cup was full of nuggets, thus the name "Tin Cup Diggings". Then they would cash the gold in for $5.00 per ounce. The gold flakes were paying $3.00 per ounce so the Downieville nuggets were the big attraction for many miners from other territories. I learned many more tidbits to share sometime.

After Downieville, we ventured to Nevada City, Grass Valley, and then back to home. A very relaxing and enjoyable vacation indeed!

The 2003 Officer's line has some holes. If you are interested in serving the Lodge as an Officer, please give me a call for more details. We would love to have you help keep Los Altos Lodge strong!

The calendar for 2003 is shaping up. If you have suggested Lodge events for 2003, please give me a call. I want to hear from you. If you have suggestions for improvements or changes, please let me know.

The Los Altos 712 Lodge Installation will be Monday, December 16th at 7:00 pm. The Grand Master, William Holsinger, will be the Installing Officer; Bruce Pruitt, PM will be the installing Chaplain; and Dan McDaniel, PM will be the Master of Ceremonies. We will have a reception dinner after the Installation downstairs in the dining room.


Richard G. Weyers
Senior Warden

The Grand Master's Reception

The Grand Master's Reception will be held on October 20, 3:00 PM on at the San Jose Scottish Rite Temple. The theme is Hawaiian. Tickets are now on sale for as little as $11.00 each!

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