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Last Updated on January 3, 2008

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September 2007

As The Sun Rises In The East

I would like to say “Thank You” to Brother David Kimball for accepting the position of Tiler for the rest of the year.

Our picnic was a success, with over thirty Lodge and Eastern Star attending. The weather was perfect, the food was great (and there wasn’t much left for the Stated meeting the following Monday). Linda organized some games and all those that played had fun and some even won prizes.

The these last two months we have had two of our strongest and supportive member move. Bruce and Shirley Pruitt have moved to Roseville or some place close to it and this month Ed and Molly Fentum will be moving into the Masonic Home in Union City. Bruce for his knowledge of Grand Lodge and how it and it’s committees work and Ed for his outstanding knowledge of Masonry and it’s different bodies, both in the UK as well as here in the Colonies. You both will be missed.

The elevator project is well under way. The trees are gone as well as the porch and part of the patio. The sewer lines have been rerouted and the excavation for the elevator and equipment room under way. It has been a challenge for the contractor as the building was not all constructed at the same time and every time they open a wall something new pops up. This is especially true of the electrical. I have been out to the site a few times to go over things with the electrician (who worked for me when I was in business and was the one I had do most of the work on the Temple in the last few years so he knows the building). One of the things that he is doing is adding a few conduits stubbed into locations that we need to modernize later.

On the front page is the date for the ROLL CALL MEETING next month, more about this next month.

This month is Grand Lodge. It will be the first time that it will be held in September since I have been a Mason. At least we will not have to compete with Fleet Week.

Jim Gable, Ernie Castillo, Bobbie Byers (also representing Daylight Lodge) and myself manned the Childs ID booth at the Fair on opening day. We ID over two hundred kids and our biggest asset was Ernie who spoke Spanish and got a lot of kids ID who would have been missed as their parents did not understand what we did and how important it was. All in all over 1500 kids were ID this year.

Shaken not stirred in 2007,

Bill Malmstrom, P.M.

From the South

A recent surprise encounter with a Brother I had never met before got me thinking.

Many of us wear a ring or something visible that says “I’m a Mason”. But other than that physical thing, how do people know us to be different?

I had an employee once who asked about my ring. I told her a little about Freemasonry and she went home that night and looked up more on the internet. The next day she told me about what she’d found and promptly said, “What I read about Masonic values just seemed to describe you.”

Live, work and act in accordance with the teachings of Masonry, and no one could ever doubt that you are one. Furthermore, you will set an example “worthy of all imitation” and people will know about Masonry just by the way you act. There is no better way to invite a man to be interested in Masonry.

Ring or no-ring, those that work to build their own moral and Masonic edifice will always stand out as special people in the community.

Keep Travelin’!

R. R., Junior Warden

Roll Call Night

October 22, 2007


Los Altos Lodge

In Memoriam

Brother Norman Roy Warner

Father into thy hands we commend the soul of our dear departed Brother

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