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Last Updated on March 30, 2011

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April 2011

From The East

I hope you like the additions to the Los Altos Trestleboard. It has become apparent with all the things we are doing, as well as Grand Lodge that two pages was not sufficient to get all the information out to the brethren and our Masonic family. I was approached by a Past Master who asked if there was a way to provide a "what happened at the lodge" for those who couldn't make it. It sounded like a good idea. Once I thought about it, not only was going back a month a good idea, but it seemed to me that going forward a month or more was also a good idea. Then someone mentioned Grand Lodge things and so that filled up the new page.

I was extremely pleased that Worshipful Ford Osborn rounded up a bunch of his Past Master buddies and descended en masse upon the last Stated Meeting. It was good to see and meet many of them. I hope that you (PMs) will come back often, your attendance could only help improve our lodge. I know it fired me up.

If you are a brother who hasn't attended Lodge in a long time and would like to come back, but are worried about having forgotten some Masonic things, please call me or any of the officers and we can arrange a "rusty trowel" session almost any Monday night we have a practice. If you haven't been to Lodge in over a year and you want to come, just call me and let me know, I will "comp" your dinner!

Last month was the Lodge's first community project, our sponsorship of the Los Altos Little League team, the AAA Cardinals. In June our BIG project comes up, Relay for Life. I would like to encourage our entire Masonic Family to come out and make this a great event for the Lodge and for a great cause, the fight against cancer.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
David Anderson, Worshiopful Master

The West Wind

Shortly before I sat down to write this article, I was channel surfing on the TV. I had been watching a political debate on a topic I feel strongly about but to my disgust rather than dialog on the positives and negatives of the issue, the spokesmen for both sides of the topic seemed to revel in quoting distortions and half truths to support their claims - there was no honest exchange of opinions just a contest to see who could spin the biggest fable to support their cause. The next station was presenting a story of yet another "Bernie Madoff" style swindling scheme that had left people penniless. At the next station, I was barraged with a series of commercials that would have made any snake oil salesman of the 1890's proud. "How can these advertisers make such patently false claims?" I thought . Has truth and honesty become a complete thing of the past?

It was then I realized just how valuable it is to be dealt with honestly in a business deal or to be able to talk with someone who will tell you the truth. Truth and honesty are highly prized values of Masons and a key principle of the Craft. "Level with me" is a saying often attributed to Free Masonry. What's it worth to you to be able to hire a brother Mason to work on your house, give him the keys, and know with confidence that nothing will be stolen and that the work will be done as promised and for the agreed upon price? Or to call up a Brother Mason and know you'll get an honest, truthful answer when you ask him what he thinks of a company you're about to accept an offer of employment with or a person you are thinking of hiring In this age of half-truths, gross distortions and flim-flam hucksters, I think it's precious gem and another of the "National Treasures" of Free Masonry.

Tom Ellison, Senior Warden

The Southern Breeze

High Twelve

WOW!!! What a turnout of Past Masters at our last Stated Meeting. Thanks you Worshipful Ford Osborn for all the calling you did. We had fourteen, YES 14 Past Masters and one Master, representing 17 years of Masters leading Los Altos Lodge and one affiliated Past Master who also led the Lodge as Officers Coach, Inspector and AGL. Also, one of our Past Masters was also our Inspector. I want to thank the Past Masters for all the help they gave me in putting on the dinner. All helped in setting the dining room up, Richard Rosenberg washed and wrapped the potatoes, Ed Fentum sauteed the beans, Clark Burton and Richard Rosenberg grilled the steaks to perfection.

For April I was going to have road kill chicken (with tire tracks) but I was asked why not lamb. I have a recipe for butterflied leg of lamb so that's what I will fix. See back cover for complete menu. I will have no article for May unless I email it from Hawaii. Linda and I along with Ed and Molly Fentum are going on a cruise of the Islands to celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary and Ed and Molly ending up in Vancouver, BC to celebrate Linda's birthday.

To the junior officers, "Advice From The Old Man": Study your part and know it to where you can pick it up in the middle, the last sentence, or from the beginning along with the chair in front of you. Maybe even two chairs. You never know when you will be called on to advance.

Bill Malmstrom, PM. PM, PM, PM (WAY PAST ed. Note)

Masonry - In General

The 11th annual California Masonic Symposium, "The Morgan Affair: The Kidnapping that Changed American Freemasonry," will be held June 25th at the Pasadena Scottish Rite Center.

The symposium will present an examination of the disappearance of William Morgan in 1826, which sparked an anti-Masonic movement in the U.S. This movement would have an everlasting effect on American Freemasonry.


Masons & Baseball: A Perfect Partnership

The CHALLENGE is back for another year!

San Francisco Sluggers
South Bay Bombers
East Bay Aces
North Bay Bees
Just $20 buys a mitt for a deserving boy or girl in the Junior Giants program. Let's make this year a three-peat victory for the kids!

Make your donation online at www.Masons4Mitts.org

Opening Day, April 8

Campaign concludes on Masons Night at AT&T Park on Monday, September 12.

More details about Masons Night tickets coming soon!

Let's show 'em what Masons can do...

Lodge 712 April Announcements

The trip to the Brewery on April 2 will leave from the Lodge at 10am sharp. We need to be at Brew-It-Up in Sacramento by NOON. We have four kettles, so please make sure you have contacted Rich Rosenberg to reserve your slot. Two to three people can share a kettle.

The Stated Meeting is formal for the Officers. It is the Official Visit of our Inspector Worshipful Randy Downey. All Officers in tuxedos, please. We will be reading an application.

Our April 11th practice will be the whole 3rd Degree, all officers and degree team members please be there for this practice. We will be starting at 7:00pm. If we are ready enough at that practice to do the work, we will not need to schedule another practice before the 18th.

Sunday April 17 will be our annual "Teacher of the Year" Award Dinner. This is part of our "Public School Month" program. This dinner is sponsored by the Lodge to honor our teacher of the year recipient, Mr. Robert Randall, a math teacher at Los Altos High School. Reservations ARE a must as this is a catered dinner. Please contact the Master either by phone or email for your reservation.

The April OAM is at Palo Alto-Roller. Please let the Inspector know if you cannot make it.

The Lodge Officers and Members are invited to participate in the Mountain View Parade, Saturday April 23rd. Officers will be wearing our aprons and jewels. Come and support Los Altos Lodge in particular, as well as our brethren from Great Lights, Mountain View/De Anza, and Palo Alto Roller.

As we have received a blue application we should fully expect to confer a 1st Degree in May. Our April 25th practice will be on the first degree. All Entered Apprentices and Fellowcrafts are welcome to attend that practice.

I have added our Little League team games to the calendar. Let's go out and support our Cardinals. The address for the games is 27000 Purissima Rd., Los Altos Hills.

Coming Up at Lodge 712

Both May and June bode to be busy months at Los Altos Lodge.

In our practices, the officers will be working on both the 1st and 3rd Degrees as we will most likely be conferring one of each in May and perhaps a 2nd Degree as well. Make sure you are working on your parts. If you need help just call the Master or Rich Rosenberg. We will not practice on Memorial Day.

We will have a picnic for our Los Altos Little League team, the Cardinals on May 14th. Their game times are in the Calendar. Go watch.

Mark you calendars brethren and sweethearts. Our annual Sweetheart Brunch is on Sunday May 15th at the Lodge. A team of Lodge cooks is already planning a delicious meal. Bill, bring Linda and let us cook for you.

Worshipful Master David Anderson will be presenting a $1000 scholarship to a worthy Los Altos High School student on Thursday evening May 19th at the Los Altos High School Awards Event. He invites the Brethren and significant others to attend with him.

Also, I would expect that sometime in May we will return to Sacramento to bottle our "brews". Bottling is as much fun, if not more fun, as brewing. It is a great time to spend with your brethren and their families.

June will also see Brother Ellison in advanced stations as I will be out of town at a family reunion. Come see how Brother Ellison does.

In June is our BIG service project, Relay For Life, on the weekend of June 18-19. Brother Taurus Fey, our Marshal, is chairman. We will be participating with Valley Star Chapter of Eastern Star. Come out and walk, run, rock or just plain help our efforts to beat cancer.

On June 25th, a group of us are going to see Brother Tom Ellison perform in the San Francisco Symphony performance of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis. There are two tickets left at this time. They are $50 each, and our current plan is to have dinner nearby before, and then meet our star performer afterwards for coffee. Call the Master if you are interested in attending.

Last Month at Los Altos Lodge

At our Stated Meeting, 14 Past Masters, pictured above, showed up to Lodge. It was a crowded East. Years 1989 through 2011 were represented plus 1983, except '95,'99, '08-'10. Not too shabby.

As well as sharing good humor and cheer, the Lodge voted to recognize Mr. Robert Randall, a math teacher at Los Altos High School, as our 2011 "Teacher of the Year". Congratulation to Mr. Randall.

We also voted to award a scholarship to a worthy Los Altos High School Senior. This award will be presented at the Los Altos High School Awards Ceremony on Thursday May 19th.

Brother Florian Selch was proficient in his lecture of the Fellowcraft Degree. We will confer upon him the 3rd degree of Masonry on Monday, April 18th. Pay your taxes and then come to Lodge to see this degree.

We voted to support brother Rich Rosenberg and Taurus Fey in a cancer benefit bike ride, up to $100 each.

Master David Anderson had the pleasure of attending the Los Altos Little League Opening Day Ceremony, and got to run the bases with our AAA team, the Cardinals. We will have a picnic for them on Saturday May 14th. Stay tuned for details.

The Lodge voted to march in the Mountain View Parade on April 23rd. A dispensation was requested.

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