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Last Updated on January 13, 2007

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January 2007

As The Sun Rises In The East

The next three or four months are going to be very busy for the lodge. At the January stated meeting we will be electing a new Junior Warden. I just talked to Robert Sohigian and he informed me that he is going to China and will be there until 2008.

The 14th of course is the installation of officers The next two Mondays will be third degree practices with a third degree conferral on Monday the 29th. The candidate will be Sean Patrick Murphy. Worship Ernie Castillo says he is ready. We will need Brothers to help out in the degree so please call me if you are interested in a part.

I will not be able to attend the degree as I am going in the hospital on the 25th to have my left knee replaced and will not discharged until Monday or Tuesday.

February is our annual CRAB FEED. With OAM on the last Monday the only date open is the 19th. We do not want to back it up to the stated meeting.

The OAM meeting in January will feature the beacons and Stewards rod work. This is a MUST attend meeting for beacons and Stewards. Remember the lodge pays for your dinners. March will be another third degree with a possible visitation.

March is also the 100th Anniversary of Valley Star Chapter and I would like to see a good turn out of Brothers there to show our support.

April will be a trip to Carson City Nevada for a Golden Veterans Award.. Worshipful Brother Ray Foote will be the first of several such awards that the lodge will confer this year.

As you can see the year is off to a running start. The Grand Master this year is stressing community involvement. It's time we took our light from under the basket and let it shine in the community. How can we do it? I'm open to suggestions. We need to let Los Altos know that we are here and we want to help the community.

Shaken not stirred in 2007,

Bill Malmstrom, P.M.

The West Wind

Brethren I want to thank you all for the confidence you've bestowed on me by electing me to be your Senior Warden for the upcoming year. We have had a most enjoyable and rewarding 2006 under the leadership of Greg Buschek, and our thanks must also go to Greg and his wife Joyce for their unwavering efforts toward our lodge. Now, as we head into 2007, and with Bill Malmstrom at the helm, we can all look forward to another banner year for LA # 712.

As many of you know, Bill has been at the reigns for most of our dinners in the past several years. About n year or so ago, I started 'helping' him. Our combined love of cooking gave us an instinctive ability to get it all together without getting in each other's way (at least most of the time). Now our antics are worthy of admission. But together, our reputation is growing and the dinners are getting more elaborate. This year, with Bill as Master and I as Senior Warden, there will be no telling where the kitchen will take us. So come to lodge. The worst we can offer is fun, fellowship, and the best food around.

I also want to take time to acknowledge our new candidates, Sean Murphy and Tom Ellison. Sean is a new acquaintance for me, but his easy manner has made him a welcome addition to my fraternal family. On the other hand, I've personally known Tom for over 15 years, having worked with him since 1990. As the son of a mason, and the coworker of many masons at Trimble Navigation, Tom was often queried on 'Why aren't you?' Then, years after Tom & I both left Trimble, Nancy & I ran into him at the local B&R during a hot Monday night when we all had a need for ice cream. We met each other with the customary "Tom" .... "Jim", followed by Tom's statement "I have some questions to ask you." The rest was easy, coffee that Friday gave Tom his answers and I got his blue app. Tom's been in touch with his other Masonic co-workers and the reunion set when he takes his 3rd degree promises to be a joyous event. Welcome to the fold guys. You are both welcome additions to our lodge and fraternity.

Well, that's it for me. May you all have a happy and prosperous 2007

Jim Gable
Senior Warden

Annual Crab Feed

February 19, 2007

6:30 PM

Los Altos Masonic Center


Crab (all you can eat)
Salad, Pasta, Garlic Bread, Dessert

408-738-3069 for reservations


January - Meat loaf, mashed potatoes with gravy 
February - Chicken Parmesan. Rice Pilaf
March - Corned Beef and Cabbage
April - Leg of Lamb, Potatoes, Mint Asparagus 
May - Cinco de Mayo Dinner
June - Bakes Salmon 
July - Deli Sandwiches (stag) 
August - Pizza (stag) 
September - Beef Stroganoff 
October - Stuffed Pork Chops 
November - Turkey Dinner 
December - Scandinavian Holiday Dinner

Dinners are $ 10.00.

Prepaid dinners are $ 100.00. This gives you 2 free dinners. See the Junior Warden.

Special Announcements

There will be an Election at the January Meeting to fill the Office of Junior Warden.

The elevator project is in the bidding process at the present time. Once the bid is accepted we need the approval of Grand Lodge and then we go to the bank for a construction loan. There have been several generous donations from brothers so our bank commitment may not be as large as first thought.

I encourage the Brethren to submit articles to the Trestleboard, especially those that are out of the area so all may know how you are and what you are doing. Maybe I'll call the column NEW(S) LIGHT FROM THE NORTH.

In Memoriam

Brother Frederic C.E. Oder

Father into thy hands we commend the soul of our dear departed Brother

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