Life Membership

The Grand Lodge per-capita assessment is part of our Lodge Dues requirement, and this has been raised annually for several years. In addition, it may at some future date again be necessary for the Lodge to raise its portion of the dues. By having a Life Membership, you are exempted from paying dues, and so will not have to pay any future increases. The per-capita assessment for 2012 is $33.00. The amount required for life membertship is shown below.

2009 amounts, good until 12/31/2009

49 or Under21 times $120.00 Annual $2,520.00
50 to 54, inclusive19 times $120.00 Annual $2,280.00
55 to 59, inclusive17 times $120.00 Annual $2,040.00
60 to 64, inclusive14 times $120.00 Annual $1,680.00
65 and over, inclusive11 times $120.00 Annual $1,320.00
By buying a life membership before the end of 2012, you not only realize an immediate savings, but also protect yourself from all future dues increases.

The following statement is part of the Masonic Constitution.

A Lodge may adopt a standing resolution providing for a system of Life Membership, which shall forever exempt a member from the payment of dues therein. It must provide that life membership shall be granted upon payment of a sum of money named therein, ... it may provide for the granting of such a life membership upon payment of a sum of money equal to the annual dues of the Lodge multiplied by the factor indicated opposite the member′s age in the schedule above.

All amounts paid for Life Membership shall be deposited in a reputable bank, or invested in accordance with the provisions of the California Masonic Code, and only the income therefrom, shall be used by the Lodge. The original amounts will be forever kept and maintained for the permanent Life Membership Fund.

The secretary of the Lodge, in making his Annual Report to the Grand lodge, shall report the number of Life Members borne upon the roll, the amount of the fund thus created, and the manner in which said fund is invested.

If you are interested in this, please contact our Secretary Joe Goldwine by leaving a message on the Lodge hot line, or by email at You may also call the Lodge Hotline at (310) 354-4064, for more information on how to do it.

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