Mountain View Masonic Lodge No. 194, F&AM of California

Free and Accepted Masons of California

1. What is the modern definition of Masonry?

2. What is Masonry’s purpose?

3. When did Freemasonry originate?

4. What is the difference between Operative and Speculative Masonry?

5. The origin of the first Grand Lodge occurred in what year? What was the significance of that event?

6. What does “F.& A.M.” and “A.F.& A.M.” mean?

7. Why is Freemasonry considered a secret society? Why?

8. Why can’t an Atheist become a Mason?

9. What is Masonry’s policy on Catholics becoming Masons?

10. In order to submit a petition for entrance into Freemasonry, what are the qualifications of a petitioner?

11. How can a petitioner best prepare himself for initiation into Masonry?

12. What do we mean when we say a candidate must first be prepared in his heart?

13. What do we mean when we say “duly and truly prepared”?

14. What is the symbolism of the hoodwink?

15. What is the symbolism of the Cable-Tow?

16 Why is the entrance to the Lodge so important to a candidate?

17. Who are the Holy Saints John and why does Masonry use these Saints?

18. Give two reasons why candidates are perambulate around the altar?

19. Why are the three Great Lights of Masonry placed in the center of the Lodge?

20. What does the open Bible signify in the Lodge?

21. What is the Square supposed to teach us?

22. What is the Compass supposed to teach us?

23. Of what significance is the Obligation?

24. Even though the physical penalties mentioned in the Obligation are symbolic, why are they retained in the ritual work?

25. The lambskin apron is an emblem of what? What does it signify?

26. What is the Rite of Destitution supposed to teach us?

27. Why is the Entered Apprentice placed in the Northeast coroner of the Lodge?

28. Of what use is the Speculative Mason to make of the Symbolic working tools of the Degrees?

29. Define “cowan”.

30. Define “eavesdropper”.

31. What are the rights of an Entered Apprentice Mason?

32. What are the responsibilities of an Entered Apprentice Mason?

Grand Lodge of California (September 25, 1991)

Updated 03/18/99